Gale Pond Alamo Elementary

Year Round School and Intersession Weeks: Alamo students receive the same amount of instructional time as every other student in the district. Our “extra” time at school is spent on enriching Intersession classes. These classes have a theme (such as the books of Eric Carle or Under The Sea), and they are both academically challenging and tons of fun.


Leadership: Alamo students learn and practice the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.


The Giving Tree: The Alamo family is a generous bunch. Our collections for charity are placed under the Giving Tree in the foyer so students can appreciate the act of helping those in need.


The Peace Ball: Alamo students may receive strings of yarn when they are “caught” exhibiting exemplary behavior. These strings are then collected and rolled into a ball. This ball adorns our Giving Tree and serves as a visual reminder of our excellence growing and growing … and GROWING.


Meet The Teacher Night: This is a chance for parents to meet their child’s teacher before the school year begins. We strongly encourage all parents to attend.


Leadership Pep Rallies and The Spirit Stick: Community leaders and groups speak to Alamo students and perform. The Spirit Stick is awarded to the grade level that shows the most school spirit!


Leaders of the Month (formerly known as Wildcatters): These are the students chosen by their teacher for showing outstanding leadership for the month. Leaders of the Month receive a certificate during a Leadership luncheon.


PTA: Alamo has an active PTA that conducts various fundraisers throughout the year.


P.S. I Love You: Alamo shows the love once a year.


Muffins For Mom: This is a chance for Moms to come enjoy a breakfast muffin at Alamo.


Donuts For Dad: Likewise, Dad gets a shot at a breakfast donut!


Career Day: Alamo students show off their goals by dressing up as a doctor, an astronaut, or any other career choice they dare to dream of.


Award Ceremonies: Every nine weeks, outstanding students are honored for academics, perfect attendance, etc.


Field Day: Relay races, tug of war … outside events with ribbons awarded for First, Second, and Third place winners.


Students Versus Teachers Softball Game: GO TEACHERS!


Kinder & Sixth Grade Graduation Ceremonies: Alamo honors these two grade levels with graduation ceremonies.


Sixth Grade Graduation Clap In: All students and teachers line the hallways and cheer our sixth graders into their graduation ceremony. This is a way of celebrating their time at Alamo and wishing them well as they move on.

Last Modified on August 1, 2010
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